Sewage water treatment tanks

Creative Agromash designs and manufactures tanks and tanks for the accumulation and treatment of wastewater. Our company supplies and installs tanks and tanks for wastewater treatment, which are produced according to the technology of the German company Lipp-system AG. You can order and buy from us at reasonable prices tanks and tanks for cleaning systems of different sizes from 3.5 m to 30 meters in diameter or 20 to 5000 m3. Our containers are sealed and reliable! Fast and automated installation allows you to quickly build capacity. We also complete the necessary equipment and chemicals for wastewater treatment. Our tanks are replaceable:

- For cleaning of municipal waste

-Industrial drains

-For surface wastewater

Wastewater is formed as a result of snow melting or precipitation at industrial sites, parking lots, car washes using wastewater systems with mud drains, sand traps, as well as oil and fuel catchers.

The amount and type of wastewater at industrial enterprises depends on the capacity of the enterprise itself, the standard water consumption per unit of output, the production cycle and a number of other factors. Therefore, wastewater treatment plants for industrial enterprises are the most diverse.

According to the concentration of organic pollutants, industrial effluents are divided into highly concentrated (according to the total biochemical oxygen demand up to 20,000 mg / l) and slightly concentrated (according to the total biochemical oxygen demand up to 70 mg / l). There should be no sewage entering the city drainage network of explosive components, the temperature should be less than 40 ° C. Standards for cleaning the effluents of industrial enterprises make the requirements for the quality of cleaning equipment high, including for tanks.

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