Hospital tent-type frame

Creative-Agromash began production of quickly erected structures. Designs are ideally suited for placement of a field hospital. Our designs consist of lightweight galvanized or aluminum profiles, which are assembled on bolted joints as a designer into finished arch frames.

For coating structures, we use only reliable and high-quality certified PVC-fabric with additives that prevent burning,

in accordance with DIN 4102 B1, M2; B. S. 5438/7837; USA NFPA 702 RP1 (GOST 51032–97) Our coating has an increased snow and wind load, withstands up to 15 cm of snow cover and up to 80 km / h wind load. Hospitals can be of different sizes from 200 m2 to 4000 m2

The complete set of the hospital depends on the needs of the customer, we can equip with everything necessary for the placement of the hospital equipment:

-Ventilation system;



- Sewerage and septic tanks;

-Water supply;

-Medical furniture;

We can also equip with medical equipment:




-medical devices.

For the floors of the hospital, we use collapsible modular panels with a polyurethane coating, which are easy to assemble and fit on any prepared coating (soil, concrete, grass)

Мобильный модульный госпиталь.png
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Hospital frame
Hospital frame

Hospital frame
Hospital frame

field hospital
field hospital

Hospital frame
Hospital frame


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