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Аbout Us

 "KREATIV-AGROMASH" Ukrainian company producing elevator equipment, silos and storage tanks for various bulk and liquid products. The company owns the production base and construction equipment. The company employs 70 people. According to the results of the national business rating, Creative-Agromash was recognized as one of the leaders among importers for 2017, and one of the best suppliers of goods and services in 2018. Our main task is to create a modern production of the whole range of necessary equipment for the storage of liquid and bulk products.

   Today we have mastered the German technology for the production of steel silos and tanks from Lipp-system. Our silos and tanks are applicable for storage of both grain crops and other liquid and chemical products. In just three years of our company, we have built more than 46 silos and tanks of various sizes. According to our projects, four granaries and a storage of granulated pre-foam pellets were built at the MDF plant. 

The presence of a rolling mill and a variety of welding, bending and molding equipment gives us the opportunity to produce not only elements of steel silos and tanks, but also transport equipment. Today we are ready to offer our customer a full range of transport equipment: a conveyor, galleries, work towers, trestles and elevators. The design of the silos in quality is not inferior to European counterparts. We produce a diverse galvanized profile with a thickness of 1 to 4 mm for the installation of quickly erected structures of LSTC, warehouses, trade and logistics centers


 The team of young ambitious managers is ready to solve the most complex tasks in the field of production, design and construction of industrial facilities: storage facilities for grain crops, pellets, chips, and storage facilities for liquid food and chemical products.


Our most valuable asset - these are young professional specialists!

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