Complexes for drip irrigation

One of the most rational and cost-effective systems for irrigation is considered drip. This method of irrigation directs water directly to the roots of plants, while not spilling on the ground and not evaporating. Using this type of irrigation can minimize the consumption of electricity and water. Many owners of summer cottages, lawns and large farms prefer drip irrigation as the most effective way to moisten the soil.

The advantages of drip irrigation

Thanks to the advantages over other irrigation systems, drip irrigation is used by more and more people who are set to increase the yield. The main advantages of installing on the site of drip irrigation:

increase crop yields;

-saving the amount of water used for irrigation;

-prevention of waterlogging of the soil;

-higher absorption of minerals;

-optimal water temperature for irrigation;

-earlier ripening of the crop;

-increased efficiency of added fertilizers;

-leaching of soil erosion;

-parasite control;

-sunburn prevention;

-reduced labor costs for irrigation.

Another advantage of the drip irrigation system over others is the low working pressure, which is necessary for its operation. Such a system is ideal for irrigation of large fields using storage tanks. Due to the congestion of the water supply in the summer season, the owners of the plots may face the problem of insufficient water pressure. This is eliminated when using drip irrigation, since low pressure is enough for its functioning.

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Water storage tanks for irrigation
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