Mobile isolator for transportation of

COVID-19 patients

Creative-Agromash LLC manufactures and offers Mobile isolator for transportation of COVID-19 patients,  as well as patients with weak immunity and large burn tissue lesions.

An individual boxing insulator allows transporting long-distance patients with weakened immunity or patients with large burn tissue damage. Boxing allows you to create a sterile environment inside the isolator. Before transportation, the box is disinfected with solutions and bactericidal lamps or recirculators. Warm purified air is pumped through the adapter, the supply of purified air creates positive pressure in the capsule, which is constantly maintained with the help of a portable battery compressor 130 l / min, which delivers the cleaned air through the filter into the capsule, which creates a sterile environment for the patient.

Excess air from the box also comes out cleaned with two filters.

For the transportation of infected patients with especially chance infections, we use a compressor unit of 130 l / min to create negative pressure in the capsule. Negative pressure will exclude the possibility of infection of doctors in cases where the capsule is damaged and leakage is broken.

For transporting patients with a weakened immunity or patients with large burn lesions of tissues, an infrared heating system for air and temperature control in the capsule is used.

The infrared LED panel, which is installed in the box, has a wave of 650 nm, exposure to light activates biological processes in tissues and stimulate skin cells to recover. Infrared light acts directly on the affected skin, destroying bacteria, normalizes the sebaceous glands, improves microcirculation, stimulates the supply of oxygen to the cells of the affected skin. The treatment of soft tissue wounds with red monochromatized light (600-680 nm) allows to shorten hospitalization, and is effective for treating long-term non-healing and burn wounds, trophic ulcers. The blue LED panel, which is also installed in a capsule with a wavelength of 470 nm, has an analgesic and antibacterial effect, improves capillary blood flow, stimulates the proliferation of epithelium and connective tissue, increases the intensity of tissue and local immunity, thereby healing the burn wound more quickly, and as a result, reduced treatment time.

The presence of adapters in the box allows you to connect the patient to an oxygen concentrator or to the Artificial Ventilation Unit, to conduct intubation and, if necessary, introduce intravenous infusion solutions.




- Lightweight hand stretchers (optional)

- PVC fabric mattress

- Sealed capsule 2000 x 600 x 690 mm Certified PVC canvas DIN 4102 B1, M2; B. S. 5438/7837; USA NFPA 702 RP1 (GOST 51032–97)

- Oxygen mask -1pcs. (OXINOVA Spain)

- Compressor unit for air discharge (battery 8 hours)

- Air flow regulator and pressure gauge

- The filter for disinfection of the leaving air of -2 pieces. (E1P1 VITA Poplar)

- Office gloves for manipulations from 2 to 4 pairs; (Category A latex)

- Straps for fastening the capsule to the stretcher;

- Belts for fixing the patient;

- Manual resuscitation kit oxygen mask and respiratory ventilator

AMBU (at the request of the customer)

- Capsule temperature control system

- Panel infrared light (heating and chromotherapy) wavelength 640 nm -4 pcs.

- Panel of blue LED light wavelength 470 nm -4 pcs.

- Goggles to protect the eyes from infrared light - 1 pc.

- Sealed adapters for the ability to infuse the patient with intravenous infusion and intubation -4 pcs.

- Charger -1 pcs.

- Adapter for connecting the compressor unit to the reanimobile -1pcs

- A set of spare membranes for filters.

- Alarm call button doctor

- A pipe corrosion-proof for rigidity - 2 pieces.

- Plastic caps for mittens -9 pcs.

We can also equip our box with additional equipment:

- Portable oxygen cylinder

- Portable ventilator.

- Patient Monitor

Boxing Weight -12kg.

Бокс изолятор для перевозки инифицирован
Фильтр класс защиты Р-3
Фильтр .png

Фильтры для защиты от аэрозолей выпускаются в соответствии со стандартом ДСТУ EN 143. Они предназначены для защиты респираторных органов человека от аэрозолей находящихся в воздухе рабочей зоны. Противоаэрозольные фильтры классифицируются в зависимости от эффективности фильтрации.

Стандарт предъявляет требования к коэффициенту проникновения фильтрующего материала. Данные коэффициенты проникновения при двух типах испытаний (хлорид натрия при потоке 95 дм. Куб. / Мин. И парафиновая масло долины 95 дм. Куб. / Мин.) Не должны превышать: P1 - 20%, P2 - 6%, P3 - 0,05%.



  • - Маркировка "NR" обозначает, что фильтр является одноразовым и должен быть использован в течение не более одной рабочей смены.

  • - Маркировка "R" обозначает, что фильтр может быть использован в течении нескольких рабочих смен.

  • - Маркировка "D" обозначает, что фильтр прошел испытания по проникновению доломитовой пыли, сохраняет свои защитные свойства в течение длительного времени в атмосфере с повышенной концентрацией пыли не теряя производительности.


Фильтр BLS 401 имеет маркировку P3 R в соответствии ДСТУ EN143 и защищает от твёрдых и жидких, радиоактивных и токсичных частиц и микроорганизмов (например: пыль, дым, туман, масляные туманы, бактерии, вирусы, споры, а также энзимы).

Mobile isolator for transportation of COVID-19 patients
Mobile isolator for transportation of COVID-19 patients
Mobile isolator for transportation of COVID-19 patients
Mobile isolator for transportation of COVID-19 patients
Mobile isolator for transportation of COVID-19 patients

Safety glasses for protecting eyes from LED and infrared light 460-640 nm

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Mobile isolator for transportation of COVID-19 patients
Mobile isolator for transportation of COVID-19 patients
Mobile isolator for transportation of COVID-19 patients
Бокс изолятор для перевозки инфицированн