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Production of silos for wood chips, pellets, grain

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Our products to protect doctors from viral infection
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Time-tested technology! Over 45 years of operation in 80 countries



Industrial Design




Our production

Silos and tanks

Силосы для хранения зерна
Cилосы для хранения зерна
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       About Us

LLC "Creative-Agromash" Ukrainian manufacturer of elevator equipment, steel structures, silos and tanks according to the technology of the German company Lipp-system AG. Our company has extensive experience in the design and construction of granaries, is ready to offer a full range of turnkey works!

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39603 Ukraine,

Poltava region


19 Betonnaya St.

0536 73 94 90

0536 73 94 88

Technical Department:

0536 73 94 89

0536 73 94 92

Reception Director:

+38067 5799671

+38097 5025100   +390675328777 24/7

Email: armbud@ukr.net

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